Power BI Training in Gurgaon

Master Power bi tool from Microsoft, pursue Power BI training in Gurgaon, and get ready for a power upgrade to your career. It’s being used in the corporate world for its performance in business analytics, here’s why you should not overlook power bi if you want to advance in the sector of business analytics.

  • Helps bring data under one roof, and provides great visibility, accessibility, and organization for reports.

  • Makes the reports highly interactive as it comes pre-loaded with data visuals including a map, column, line, bar, and matrix.

  • Databases can be compressed to more than one-fifth the size. It ensures that data isn’t outdated, and provides incremental automated refreshes.

  • Supports advanced data experts as it is easily compatible with R, power bi allows integration of detailed R visualization into the dashboard.

  • Meets regulatory and security standards without requiring other tools. Users don’t require syntax for search as it facilitates interfaces with natural language search.



Every company will always be dependent on analysts with good updated skills. Job opportunities are very good if you have the skill in you.


Training Duration

Power BI learning will take approx. 2-3 months of the time period. Within a month of course completion, you can get a job.



iClass Gyansetu has a good team of faculties working. It’s always advisable to learn from trainers working in corporates, they share their industry experience that is very important to crack interviews.



Phone No- +91-8130799520/ 9999201478



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